MUSCATEN arranges

2nd Workshop on Parameterization of Lakes in Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Modelling

Norrköping, Sweden, September 15-17 2010



The 2nd Workshop on Parameterization of Lakes in Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Modelling will be arranged at SMHI in Norrköping, Sweden, September 15-17 2010.


The first Workshop on this subject was held in Zelenogorsk, Russia, in September 2008. See NetFAM web page on the first Workshop: As a result of the 2008 Workshop a special issue of Boreal Environment Research ( on "Lakes in atmospheric models" has been published.


The aim of the workshop in Norrköping is to create a forum for environmental researchers related to how lakes are described and parameterised in NWP and climate modelling systems and how lakes interact with the atmosphere. The 2nd Workshop will follow up on subjects raised and discussed at the first Workshop.





Lake atmosphere coupling – Focuses on the impact of lakes on atmospheric processes as well as parameterisations in the atmospheric part of the modelling systems related to lakes.

External parameters – Focuses on parameters important for description of lake characteristics, e.g. lake depth and lake fraction.

LakeMIPAt the first Workshop an initiative were taken to launch a lake model intercomparison project. Results from LakeMIP are intended for this session as well as other sensitivity studies on lake models.

Lake Data Assimilation – Focuses on assimilation of lake prognostic variables in NWP systems.

Processes in fresh-water bodies beyond lake physics – Focuses on processes related to e.g. biochemistry and water quality issues.


Researchers and research students working with these topics are welcome to submit a short abstract for a presentation of 20-30 minutes. In addition to the participants' presentations keynote presentations will be given and room for discussions will be made. No parallel sessions are planned; all presentations will be made at plenary sessions.





Please fill in the registration form and send it not later than 15 June 2010 by e-mail to: Patrick Samuelsson, SMHI, and Ekaterina Kourzeneva, RSHU,

The deadline for Workshop registration is June 15, 2010.


The venue for the workshop will be the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) in Norrköping. See how to reach Norrköping.


Block reservations for accommodation have been made at two hotels in Norrköping: Hotel Kneippen ( and Princess Hotel ( Each participant is responsible for making his/her actual reservation from the block booked by SMHI by sending an email directly to the hotel with a reference to “SMHI block booking”. Our price for a night in single room is 620 SEK (~62 EUR) at Hotel Kneippen and 745 SEK (~75 EUR) at Princess Hotel.

The deadline for hotel reservation is August 16, 2010.




Nordic Network MUSCATEN,

Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI),



Organising committee:

Patrick Samuelsson (, SMHI, Sweden

Ekaterina Kourzeneva (, RSHU, Russia

Dmitrii Mironov, DWD, Germany

Laura Rontu, FMI, Finland

Arkady Terzhevik, NWPI, Russia

Stefan Gollvik, SMHI, Sweden

Anneli Arkler, SMHI, Sweden

Marko Kaasik, Tartu University, Estonia



MUSCATEN is funded by Nordic Research Board,