Posters from the Young Scientist Summer School (YSSS)


DAY 2, 4 Jul 2011 - Monday (Poster Session)


Achim Drebs

Air temperature Gradient Studies in Helsinki Metropolitan Area during 2002-2006

Adomas Mazeikis
Modelling Influence of Urban Territories on Meteorological Parameters that Affect Air Pollution Dispersion Using ENVIRO-HIRLAM: Vilnius Case Study

Aleksei Anisimov
The impact of the Black Sea on regional climate

Alina Semergei-Chumachenko
Low Level Jets over Ukraine

Anastasia Revokatova
Possibilities of short-term forecast of air pollutants' concentrations over the center of the European part of Russia on the basis of chemical-transport model COSMO_ART

Andrea Mues
Impact of the Extreme Meteorological Conditions during the Summer 2003 in Europe on Air Quality - an Observation and Model Study

Andres Luhamaa

High Resolution Re-analysis for the Baltic Sea Region During 1965-2005 Period

Antonina Sirenko
The Use of Discrimination Function in the Ice Regime Forecasts for the Rivers of Ukraine

Dragos Niculescu
Risks and Vulnerabilities of the Romanian Black Sea Coast

Ekaterina Khoreva
Modelling Direct Aerosol Effects on Radiation in Urban Areas

Elena Katerusha

Estimation of Bioclimatic Resources of Odessa Region

Eva-Stina Kerner
An Updated Method for Estimating of Surface-Layer Scaling Parameters from Routine Ground-Based Meteorological Data

Huseyin Toros
Assessment of HIRLAM and HARMONIE Numerical Weather Prediction Model: A Case Study on Air Pollution Episode in Istanbul

Iratxe Gonzalez-Aparicio

Urban Scale Modelling for a Megacity and a Medium size city: Evaluating Urban Heat Island and Sulphate Aerosol Eects

KV Gopalkrishnan

FLAMO Flexible Atmospheric Model: a New 3D Atmospheric Model to Study Atmospheric Processes in the Planetary Boundary Layer

Laura Rontu
SURFEX in Helsinki, NumLab 2009

Oksana Dranicher
The Main Characteristics and Space Distribution of Urban Heat Island over Odessa

Sebastian Traud
Emissions of trace gases and their atmospheric transport above Southern and Eastern Asia

Sergey Artamonov
Large Eddy Simulation of Neutrally Stratified Planetary Boundary Layer

Svetlana Didkivska
Recent Developments of Decision Support System Rodos: Application for Fukushima Accident.

Taras Belyi
Numerical Simulation of Cloud and Precipitation Evolution and its Connection with Anomaly Gravity Fields